Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So nearly there...

Wow I did not realise I have yet to post in 2010... so errr Happy NYE.

Now onto more interesting things. Today a forum user who ordered his Pandora exactly 10 minutes before me has received his shipping confirmation. Roughly 20 or so Pandoras are assembled & ready for shipping each day, but its virtually impossible to calculate how much more waiting time is required.

So at long last, this blog can eat some more bandwidth!

There was the opportunity to get a Pandora even earlier, there was a batch of units with a slightly faulty but possibly fixable right nub. Those who ordered through the UK arm of Open Pandora ( were offered immediate shipment of one of these units. A tempting option for those with little patience or who fancied a bit of queue jumping and did not mind taking a gamble. A significant number had decided to join the so called One Nub Club and posted their experiences. It seemed to be an issue with a bit of dirt affecting the contacts, so some users had no issues at all. Some just used an air can to solve the problem, while others did not have quite the same amount of luck. My reasons for not joining in, was that while you could fix the issue for now, how long would this fix last and would it affect the life span of the nub. To date only a single user has dared to open up the nub to have a closer look and better understand the problem. I do not think it will be long until a proper solution is devised. This could be particularly important as this problem might be affecting all Pandoras as a user who was shipped a NON One Nub Pandora has reported having issues with his left nub. This is concerning, but for now the excitement of finally getting a unit in my hands is easily over-ruling any desire to cancel the order and go for an iPad instead.

On a closing note, there have been Pandoras recently sold on eBay for over $1500. Investing £200 twenty one months ago to get a possible £800 profit might be shrewd move, but something I could not easily stomach having waited so long. Plus I suspect by the time my unit arrives, there will be many more Pandoras released into the wild, killing off any extortionate going rates seen on Ebay lately.

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